Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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1981 Member an later chairman of the Committee for Artists and Architects of the Ministry of Culture for three years
1982 Designs and builds his studio after four years of preparation
1982 Together with Janjelle Stroosma he visits Truus Schröder-Schräder in the house that she and Gerrit Rietveld built
1983 Corresponds with Charles Biederman
1983 Joost Baljeu visits his studio for the first time
1983 Chairman of the East West Forum, a sculpture symposium with Japanese and Dutch artists participating in Dordrecht, The Netherlands
1983 Meets Queen Beatrix formally at the opening of the East West Forum in Dordrecht Holland
1984 President of the Dutch Sculptors' Association for two years
1984 rijksgecommiteerde (second examiner) Royal Art Academy of Art, The Hague NL
1984 Designs a bridge in Dirksland, Holland
1985 member (treasurer) of the board of the Janjelle Stroosma Stichting (Foundation) Dordrecht NL
1985 Travels to Medellin, Colombia to meet and pick up the two adopted daughters Carmen and Julia
1986 Princess Juliana unveils his Durrer monument, primum movens ultimum moriens in Amsterdam. Meets the Princess and Prince Bernhard
1986 First meeting with Donald Judd in Mönchengladbach; a year later in Eindhoven
1987 Start of yearly work in Finish Lapland, above the polar circle, working in wood again
1987 Corresponds with and visits Annie Oud, the widow of J.J. P. Oud, several years until her death
1988 Together with Wim Smits he visits Donald Judd in Eichholteren, Switzerland
1989 Meets with Charles Biederman, in the car driving from a conference in Vlissingen to Dordrecht Holland
1990 Divorces
1990 Constructs his stainless steel work Opening the Arctic Circle in Kemijärvi, Finnish Lapland
1990 Executes photographic light sculpture aurora borealis on the Pyhä Tunturi in Finland
1990 Six Dutch sculptors: van Bennekum, Glandorf, Goerres, van Loo, Schole and Wubben write a letter to Kemijärvi attempting to discredit him, purportedly as board members of Dutch Sculptors' Association. A year later the problem was resolved with the board itself
1992 Marries Marjo Heikkinen, in Kemijärvi
1992 Is secretary of the Dutch Sculptors' Association for a second time
1992 Birth of Oskar in Turku Finland
1993 Birth of Vincent in Zwijndrecht Holland
1993 Takes the initiative to develop a sculpture park along the river banks near Zwijndrecht


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