Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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A satellite image of a site specific sculpture in Zwijndrecht, Holland.

2.2.3D.2. 1985 painted steel construction - 5x5x5m - Zwijndrecht NL

A satellite image of sculpture in Rotterdam Holland.

Marconi Waltz, Homage to Oud and van Doesburg - 1983-87 - perpendicular planes, constructed concrete sculpture, Marconiplein, Rotterdam NL

A satellite image of sculpture in Spijkenisse near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2.2.3D - 1983-86 - coated steel - Ø50cm 2400x550x697cm - Groenekruisweg/Sportlaan, Spijkenisse NL

A satellite image of site specific sculpture in Venray, the Netherlands
Tangent Circles 1991 stainless steel - 2700 X 1200 X 700 cm - swimming and recreational center, Venray, NL

satellite image of sculpture in Ludwigshafen am Rhein Germany
Perpendicular Planes - 1986 - painted steel - 300x300x200cm - Wilhelm-Hack-Museum - Ludwigshafen am Rhein D

A satellite image of site specific sculpture in Utrecht Holland.
goals. - 1980|1981- weatherproof steel - 300x300x300cm each - Zuilen Sports Center, Utrecht NL

A satellite photograph of Land Art in Zwijndrecht and H.I. Ambacht, Holland.
x-ing - Volgerlanden/Walburg Project 1999|2001 Hendrik Ido Ambacht / Zwijndrecht- Zuid Holland NL

satellite image of a site specific sculpture in Houten Holland
c.y.f. - 1993|1994 stainless steel - 4280x1200x1200cm - Houten NL

A satellite image of land art in Dirksland Holland.
time lapse - poplar screens, bridge and dike section - 1984/1990 and designs for Highway S47 (now N215) - Dirksland, Sommelsdijk and Middelharnis NL

A satellite image of an urban land Art project  in Barendrecht Holland.
Pieter Janszoon Saenredam project 50X80m reservoir and 30X30m island with osier - 1982|1985/∞

A satellite image of an urban land Art project in Ede Holland.
urban oasis - 1989/1993 - environment with swamp cypresses and retaining walls, center De Rietkampen, Ede NL

satellite image of sculpture in Horstermeer Holland
oblique rows - 1984/1986 willows (Salix Alba), grass, earth and water - 10500x2200x200-400cm - gardens of the Sewage Recycling Installations Horstermeer, commissioned by Zuiveringschap Amstel- en Gooiland - Hilversum NL

satellite image of sculpture in Amsterdam Holland
Brenda - 1978-1982 bronze and concrete - 3000x3000x1900cm - Police Station Waddenweg - Amsterdam NL

satellite image of sculpture in Vaasa Finland
Veera - 1997|1999 painted (RAL2002) steel - 424x849x424cm Vaasa Finland

A satellite image of a site specific, stainless steel sculpture in Amsterdam Bijlmer in the Netherlands.
perpendicular cylinders III - 1982-85 stainless steel - 500x500x50cm - entrance of the Flierbosdreef fire station - Amsterdam-Bijlmer NL

A satellite image of a site specific sculpture, monument for Professor Durrer, in Amsterdam Holland.
Primum Movens Ultimum Moriens - a memorial for Professor D. Durrer - 1985-86 stainless steel - 850x450x400cm - Minervaplein - Amsterdam NL

Den Haag - a satellite photo of the palace sculpture garden - the Netherlands.
contrapposto, polar construction in the Palace Sculpture Garden - The Hague NL


A satellite image of concrete sculptures in Zoetermeer, Holland.
p.i.l.l.s. - 1976|1977 - concrete - Ø300x100cm

the following two projects for The Hague and Zaanstad did not survive long

arch which would have connected two perpendicular traffic islands with two half arches connecting above the center of the intersection. But the communication between the committee for the arts and the department of public works failed - as the plans for the intersection were revised before the committee was informed - and the sculpture was ready. it waited almost twenty years before it would be installed in Rhoon Holland.
Wave was installed in the a new housing area for the lower classes in the Stuwstraat. After its first year the inhabitants had cut the connections with grinders and pulled on the elements with their cars. So it was dismounted and stored until the pipes could be reused. Five years later the curved pipes were applied to construct c.y.f. in Houten Holland.
victory - was installed in Zaanstad - Holland in 1987. But the populist mayor Vreeman gave in to an almost fifteen year protest by a certain Mr. Schot and had it removed. Here it is stored in the Zaanstad industrial area, across from Amsterdam. I didn't know where exactly is was stored, but found it via the satellite image of this area.

satellite image of sculpture location in The Hague Holland
arch - 1988/present - steel - Ø50 1250x1250x1250cm - Binckhorstlaan/Neherkade, The Hague NL

satellite image of sculpture location in The Hague Holland
wave - 1986/1989 - stainless steel - Molenwijk-Zuid The Hague NL

satellite image of sculpture storage location in Zaanstad Holland
victory - 1984-87 - painted steel - Zaanstad - The Netherlands

satellite images of sculptures

I found these images of my sculptures on Legal experts could probably tell more about who has the right to publicize these images - is it I, who's sculpture is depicted on the satellite photographs, or is it Google who owns the rights to the images? As for me, I'll wait and see. But as far as Google's maps site is concerned - I can recommend a visit to everyone - there are many services Google gives on these pages, but my biggest thrill was being able to find my sculptures.

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