Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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Lucien den Arend
Penttilä - Kangasniemi Finland (between Mikkeli and Jyväskylä)

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Dear NoNameXX,

In the message below you say we have to order the unit/material by e-mail. In the telephone call of 45 minutes later you say that we have to fax our order.

First of all I would like to remind you that we have a contract which confirms that we have ordered the geothermic system this summer already; and we would not like to order any more units than what we already did. We only want you to deliver the one we bought and install it now.

In the first phone call, in which my wife told you that the unit can be installed next week, you affirmed that the delivery can be around that time. A half hour later, In the telephone call from the architect, you said that the delivery will now take many weeks. Is this the way a center in Finland punishes its clients for trying to have a problem set straight? We are not used to subservient behavior in the other part of Europe. We will not get used to it here; nor will we accept this medieval way of (not) having consideration with clients. So we (including our three young children) do not want to undergo ----NoName punishment - we did not order our heating system this summer to now have you let us to freeze to death. We want our heating finished in the period you promised during our first telephone call this morning. That means that the material we ordered last summer should be delivered in a human(e) time-span and fashion.

Then there are your two demands for ordering the material: is an e-mail not lawful, because we should fax you instead of e-mailing it? If so - wasn't our order for the convectors lawful then? Concerning this incident: our architect was surprised that you did not warn us that the ordering of an installation of these convectors is usually done by an --- man; and that you let us order it anyway from you directly. You should be more accustomed to the way things work in Finland than we are. And it is your duty to give your clients good advice.

The consideration you have for clients is not commendable. We recommended your center to our friend at Saksala Art center in Haukivuori. We shall keep her, and not only her*, informed of our experiences with your center. You are letting us pay you profit on the convectors, while we are paying our plumber the same amount because it is in his price - not to mention three companies raising the price of the Italian producer - but we suppose that is business..

Your servants,
Lucien den Arend and Marjo Heikkinen - den Arend

* I have started an internet site today telling people (not only foreigners) about the way certain Finish companies conduct their business.

Seppäläntie 860
51200 Kangasniemi
+ 358 (0)44 264 12 12

-----Original Message-----
From: MrNoName2 NoNameXX [mailto:FirstName.]
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 9:29 AM
To: Marjo Heikkinen
Subject: Maalämpö asiaa


Maalämpöjärjestelmien tilaukseen ja toimitukseen liittyen muutama asia.

Laitteet tulee tilata hyvissä ajoin ennen toimitusta, sillä kaikella on toimitusaikansa. Pahimmassa tapauksessa useita viikkoja.

Asennukseen liittyvissä asioissa tulee sopia asia NoNamesen1 kanssa puh xxxx xxxxxx. Myös hänellä on aikataulut, joten riittävän ajoissa yhteys.

Me toimitamme tavarat, sen mukaan miten meiltä tilataan. Emme siis ole missään tekemisissä teidän ja jonkun muun yrityksen välissä sopimuksissa.

Tilaus maalämpöpumpun toimitukselle tulee tehdä sähköpostilla, väärinkäsitysten välttämiseksi.

Lämpimin Terveisin



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