proposal for a sculpture on a traffic circle – University of Texas at El Paso


The sculpture's two curved lines are actually the set of points common to two geometric configurations: a prism and an elliptical cylinder – the linear shape which results where thy intersect. The sculpture will be oriented on the axes of the approaching roads, which are more or less perpendicular to each other – installed with the axis of the virtual prism, on which it is outline is described, parallel to one of the two roads. In this way the effect, explained below, will work.

Because the sculpture is constructed from three two dimensional elements, in effect creating a three dimensional object, it is through the juxtaposition of these elements that they have two different two-dimensional projections, which seem to have no relation at all to each other. In the case of this sculpture, when seen from viewpoints perpendicular to each other, one sees either a projection of a circle, which is an ellipse, or a triangle.

projections – triangle and circle (elliptical projection)

This effect seems to be a metamorphosis of the sculpture's shape, but it is not. The sculpture only seems to transform. Of course, these two-dimensional projections will always vary somewhat, depending on where the viewer is; but the effect will be strong.



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