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environmental sculpture - Lucien den Arend - ympäristötaide

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE lecture - University of Lapland, Rovaniemi - environmental sculpture - grotekerk tower project in Dordrecht the Netherlands

Making use of existing elements and adding new ones to change the totality of a situation seems to me to also fall under environmental art. So I have included my Grotekerk Tower project in the lecture.

This is the Grotekerk (Great Church) of Dordrecht in Holland. The tower was originally supposed to get a spire, but the building activities were stopped in the first half of the fifteenth century because the tower started to tilt towards the north.

I was born in this city and have known the tower as long as I live. In 1988 I decided to make a proposal for the city to finish the tower after the building activities had been discontinued on completion of the baroque addition of the four clocks in 1626.

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