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environmental sculpture - Lucien den Arend - ympärist�taide

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE lecture - University of Lapland, Rovaniemi - Walburg project at sunrise, Zwijndrecht Holland

I chose a location on the edge of town, next to agricultural open fields. I had often walked there before the new suburb, Walburg, was planned on my side. The high-tension electric power lines run from the east, where the sun rises, to the west where the sun sets. The plot of land underneath the power lines had to remain free from constructions, so this was the perfect location. The orientation of the 100 meter long piece of land was along the boundary of the town - varying in width from about 50 meters, under the power lines, to 20 meters where it was too narrow to project any housing there. I decided to make a rather horizontal earth work and to incorporate the the vertical pylon into the work.

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