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environmental sculpture
a lecture by Lucien den Arend at Lapland University at Rovaniemi Finland April 26 2007

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE lecture - University of Lapland, Rovaniemi - Opening the Arctic Circle stainless steel sculpture in Kemijärvi Finland
opening the arctic circle (avautuva napapiiri) - stainless steel - 2000x354x354cm - Kemijärvi Culture Center (Kulttuurikeskus) FI

It has always been the wish of a sculptor to find the best location when installing his work - and when doing so there are basically only two possibilities

  1. when the sculpture already exists - this makes it difficult to find a location in which the scale, material, color and the shape will fit into the existing space, or
  2. the sculpture is conceived and made to for an existing location - this is what is referred to as site-specific sculpture (see the sculpture above).

A third possibility is not to install a sculpture at all. And that is actually the thing that happened to me in 1969. >

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