Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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1989 Circumstantial demarcation, attempt 2, integration/willow project with Vera Röhm, Merwestein Park, Dordrecht NL
1989/1993 Integration, environment with swamp cypresses and retaining walls, center De Rietkampen, Ede NL
1990 aurora borealis, photographic light sculpture, Pyhä Tunturi SF
1990 Sinwa, concrete sculpture, Louise de Coligny School, Dordrecht NL
1990/1992 environment, Italian poplar screens and steel sculptural elements, Guillaume de Farel School, Ridderkerk NL
1991 Tangent circles, stainless steel, Swimming and Recreation center, Venray NL
1991 Merging grids, homage to Cor Noltée, osier project, Hollandse Biesbos, Dordrecht NL
1992 De ijzeren knot, island and osier environment, Hardinxveld/Giessendam NL
1993 Lexicon Beeldend Nederland 1880-1993, Drs. P.M.J. Jacobs BV, Tilburg NL
1993/1994 c.y.f. stainless steel sculpture, Houten NL
1994 design for Suvantoranta Park, Kajaani SF
1996/1999 Veera, painted steel sculpture for Onkilahti Park, Vaasa SF
1997 proposal for a steel construction, municipality of Albrandswaard SF (accepted by the committee - not realized yet)
1997 stainless steel construction - rotonde - for a roundabout, Heemskerk NL
1999 stainless steel construction - Arcadian Arches - East Gate, Heerhugowaard NL
1999 proposal for the islands, Papendrecht NL (not realized)
2000/2002 x-ing - De Volgerlanden Hendrik Ido Ambacht|Zwijndrecht
2002/2003 proposal for a monumental sculpture in the water for the high velocity railway in Bleiswijk NL
2002/2003 proposal for arch/sculpture for Jacobswoude NL
2004 concrete and steel construction - spil - for a roundabout, Barendrecht NL (in cooperation with Henny Monshouwer
2004/2005 Muotiala - proposal for stainless steel constructions - Tampere Finland
2005 Muotiala contest - second prize

selected exhibitions

1965    California State University at Long Beach, California USA
1969 Salon van de Maassteden Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam Dicke Architects, Dordrecht NL
1969 Galerie 142, Breda, with Bert Loerakker
1970 de Doelen Rotterdam NL



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