Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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1983/1987 Homage to Oud and van Doesburg, perpendicular planes, constructed concrete sculpture, Marconiplein, Rotterdam NL
1984/1986 Europa, stainless steel sculpture, Europaweg, Haarlem NL
1984/1986 environment for the gardens of the Sewage Recycling Installations Horstermeer, commissioned by Zuiveringschap Amstel- en Gooiland - Hilversum NL
1984/1987 Victory, steel sculpture under the A8 bridge in Zaanstad NL
1984/1988 Gemini Tango, orange-red steel sculpture and design for the square, Oranjeplein, Zwijndrecht NL
1984/1989 Bridge and designs for a new highway a round Dirksland en Middelharnis, Provincial department of Construction of the province of Zuid-Holland NL
1985 2.2.3D2 steel sculpture, Raadhuisplein, Zwijndrecht NL
1985/1986 Homage to El Lissitzky, earth work, Test Circuit and Test center of the National Road and Transport Department, Lelystad, commissioned by the chief government architect NL
1985/1986 Mark, pollard willow project, interior garden at and commissioned by Medical center Leeuwarden NL
1985/1986 PRIMUM MOVENS ULTIMUM MORIENS stainless steel monument to Professor D. Durrer, Minervaplein, Amsterdam, commissioned by the Durrer Comité Foundation and the municipality of Amsterdam NL
1986/1987 Bridge|environment with Italian Poplar screens with red steel bridge Rijks Scholen Gemeenschap Hoorn, commissioned by the Chief Government Architect NL
1986/1987 Marconi Waltz, tapestry, head office Verenigde Bedrijven Groeneveld b.v. Dordrecht, commissioned by Architects de Vries, Lugten and Malschaert NL
1986/1989 Wave, stainless steel sculpture, Molenwijk-Zuid, Den Haag (destroyed by the municipality of Den Haag in 1990) NL
1986/1987 Homage to van Doesburg and Oud - Marconi Waltz, color proposal and enameled panels on wall, apartment building de Plantage, Rotterdam, commissioned by the owners' organization NL
1987/1989 Environment with Swamp oak and water sculpture, Ambachtsplein, Hazerswoude NL
1988 JFK stainless steel sculpture, John F. Kennedy School, Dordrecht NL
1988 Stainless steel sculpture, swimming pool, Katwijk aan Zee NL
1988/1990 red steel sculpture, intersection Binckhorstlaan/Mercuriusweg/ Neherkade, Den Haag (the city indefinitely postponed the erection of the sculpture and stored the parts and returned them to den Arend in 1997) NL
1988/1990 Modifiable brass sculpture for the Bank voor Nederlandse Gemeenten, Den Haag NL
1988/1990 Opening the arctic circle, stainless steel sculpture, Kemijärvi SF


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