Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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selected commissions and realized projects

1968/1969    Bronze sculpture Discoid Form, Dordrecht waterworks pumping station NL
1969/1971 Garden and fountain, DSW plant, Dordrecht NL
1971/1973 Walburg project, Zwijndrecht NL
1971/1976 Loop, stainless steel and concrete sculpture, Capelle aan den IJssel NL
1972 Pollard willow circle, Dordrechts Museum garden NL
1973/1975 Patio, police station Groot IJsselmonde, Rotterdam NL
1974 Aluminum sculpture Gerdesia Kindergarten, Rotterdam NL
1975 Malus project, Zwijndrecht NL
1975 Stainless steel and concrete sculpture, Overschie library NL
1975/1976 Monolinears, environment and stainless steel sculpture, School de Steenenkamer, Zwijndrecht NL
1975/1976 Oriented grid, willow project, Fuik Building, Zwijndrecht NL
1976 Critics prize Dutch Theater Critics' Association, Amsterdam NL
1976/1977 p.i.l.l.s. concrete sculptures Buyteweg de Leyens School, Zoetermeer NL
1977 Monolinear biplane, bronze sculpture, Ned Lloyd Building, Rotterdam NL
1977 s.a.i.l. stainless steel and concrete sculpture, Martin Luther King School, Maassluis NL
1977 Monolinears junction 3, stainless steel sculpture, School Het Gilde, Apeldoorn NL
1978/1982 Stainless steel and asphalt sculpture project, Maarssen NL
1978/1982 Brenda , bronze and concrete sculpture, Waddenweg Police Station, Amsterdam NL
1980 Monolinear cloud, hanging stainless steel sculpture, 'Nassau School', Rotterdam NL
1980/1981 Goals, weatherproof steel double-sculpture Zuilen Sports center, Utrecht NL
1980/1984 Environment/entrance area, employment office, Terneuzen, commissioned by the chief Government Architect NL
1982 Malevich Project, pollard willow project, on four islands in Dordrecht NL
1982 Stainless steel sculpture in a pond, Hengelo NL
1982/1985 Entrance area with stainless steel element, Fire Station, Amsterdam-Bijlmer NL
1982/∞ Pieter Janszoon Saenredam Project environmental sculpture project with osier island, Barendrecht NL
1983 Gravitation, stainless steel sculpture|environment, Dordrecht Chamber of Commerce NL
1983/1986 2.2.3D steel sculpture, Groenekruisweg/Sportlaan, Spijkenisse NL


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