Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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proposal sketches for Nilai Memorial Park

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sound barrier meander

After we passed the gate of the Nilai Memorial Park, I was intrigued by the wooded area to the left of the entrance road. Driving along the shaded spaces under the trees I immediately found this to be an ideal location for a dike that meanders between the trees - approaching the car and receding again. I understand that certain structures are planned there. Possibly these and such a dike can support or compliment each other.

The space to the left of the entrance road looks to me like a great location for a dike that meanders between the trees.
Coming from the highway the area the outside of the entrance walls is somewhat bleak, or at least empty; the meander could start there and "pass through" the wall - and the text could run over the top over the dike. Maybe it could be possible to think about the color of the now white wall.

When we got out of the car at the office building I noticed the continuous sound of the cars on the highway flanking the west of the park, where the space is more open on that side. Also there such a meandering dike would diminish the audiovisual effect of the traffic, while not being too present. The play of light on the meander would soften its effect. And, as in my sketch, trees could be used to carry the view across to the landscape on the other side.

In combination with my thoughts about a sound barrier, the available strips of land along the highway could accommodate a meandering dike which would function as a sound barrier. Using the earth on the park side of the dike would accomplish two things: the practical one of using the same earth to build it, while at the same time creating a body of water where the drainage ditch already is a continuation of its course from the location of the ship/island. From the air the meander can be perceived as symbolic for the water which floats the ship. The demarcation line between the water and the dike will accentuate the meandering movement as well as afford a reflection of the dike.

This could be greatly reduced by the introduction of an earthen wall along it. The form of such a barrier could strengthen the spaces of the park and create a feeling of enclosure and serenity, while at the same time eliminating the distracting movements of the traffic.

A sound barrier for Nilai Memorial Park - near Kuala Lumpur.
a meandering dike would function as a sound barrier. In a possible further stage we can maybe study relocating the location of the access road as it is now planned along the ship/island to the exit to the highway.

A straight dike between three and five meters high along the highway would of course eliminate most of the sound; but along with its blocking most of the direct sound, it could at the same time act as a visual barrier. This of course is an advantage as far as the view of the traffic is concerned, at the same time a certain feeling of confinement can be aroused. By undulating its movement along its path this effect will be moderated and the perspective would differentiate its height and make it seem lower where it recedes. A meandering dike would therefore be one solution. And by making a body of water alongside it would not only add to its appeal - it would reflect the meander, double its undulating movement and bring the sky into the park.

A meandering sound barrier for Nilai Memorial Park.
The construction of the earthwork could be realized by excavating the water reservoir and using the soil to create a dike.

When done well the landscape on the other side of the highway can be lent by blending the elements to be used into it - in scale, color and material. By reducing the size of selected plants and trees as they near the highway two goals are achieved: they will blend with the lent landscape as well as take away the sounds reflected by any foliage reaching above the height of the barrier.


Kuala Lumpur opening page | sound barrier meander | island ship | cremation stone field or mound | land art | sculpture

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