proposal for a sculpture on a traffic circle – University of Texas at El Paso


West Universty Avenue and Sun Bowl Drive UTEP Texaslooking Northwest from the location of the proposed traffic circle 

Three other sculptors and I have been asked to prepare proposals for a work of art to be installed on the traffic circle at the crossing of Sun Bowl Drive and West University Avenue at the University of Texas at El Paso. I may never have been on the spot, but the Southwest is familiar to me. I lived in Southern California during my youth, and I have driven through El Paso several times – long ago. With the help of Google Earth I have been able to orientate myself.

The concept of this site specific sculpture should take advantage of the specific visual aspects encountered by the axial approach of the observer, because the angles from which this sculpture will be observed have been programmed by the layout of the roads which meet at the circle. It is my intention to devise a perfect and elementary sculpture taking the these characteristics into account. I think that this site requires a transparent contour of a shape, which acquires extra significance from the specific location on which it is to function – a pragmatic and mathematical, but elegant sculpture, worthy of the neighboring institution of higher learning.

I read that there is the probability of the sculpture becoming an icon for the UTEP and surrounding community, and/or El Paso. Later on I shall talk about the similarities between the characteristics of an icon and a those of a sculpture on a traffic circle.

Lucien den Arend
Seppäläntie 860
51200 Kangasniemi



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