Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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Grote Kerk tower project

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The tower of the Grotekerk in Dordrecht with the proposed Cross of St. Andrew.
1987-88 The tower of the Grotekerk in Dordrecht with the proposed Cross of St. Andrew - reprise of the grandeur of the sixteenth century.

The presence of the tower of the Great Church of Dordrecht - the "Dordtse Dom" has been a great influence on the surroundings. Wide rivers and polder land have made the tower visible from afar in past centuries. I remember coming back home from a trips to Rotterdam or Breda with my parents in the forties and fifties - playing the game of who would see the Dordtse Dom first. Nowadays opportunist developers have gradually done their thing. But with the wide rivers in the area the tower still exerts its influence - and I want to accent its radiating energy with the directional arms of the Andreas Cross on its top - beaming its visual power along with its function as a major time piece and the projecting sounds of its bells sounding off.

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