Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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ORANJE LANDSCHAPContemporary Dutch Landscape ArchitectureContemporary Dutch Landscape Architecture

workshop, documentation and forum discussion
Vienna Austria - September 1994

Workshop report "ORANJE LANDSCHAP" in Vienna Austria. ORANJE LANDSCHAP a workshop in Vienna Austria

An exhibition of the participating landscape designers accompanied the workshops - the exhibited works were documented in the 1994 book and a report of the workshop was published in the 1995 edition

ORANJE LANDSCHAP was organized in 1994 by Planbox landscape architects Stefan Bernard, Anna Detzlhofer, Andrea Cejka, Bernadette Dilenta, Christian Moser, Angela Salchegger, Alice Groessinge, John Richards, Hannes Swoboda (foreword), Stefan Bernard, Heidemarie Mieser (translation) in Vienna.

10 landscape architects (B+B, West8, Quadrat, H+N+S, Wilke Diekema) and artist (Lucien den Arend) were invited to illustrate the difference between the position of landscape architecture and design in The Netherlands as compared to that in Austria.

the coaches

Lucien den Arend
Pieter-Janszoon-Saenredam-Projekt, Barendrecht
Wall Lelystad

B + B
öffentlicher Stadtraum Den Haag/ Public Space in The Hague
Kromhoutpark, Tilburg

Ank Bleeker
Park D'Enterij, Limmen
Park Overbos, Beverwijk

Wilke Diekema
NAM 2020, Umland Groningen

Dienst van Stedebouw en Volkshuisvesting, Ria Aarnink
Städteplanung / Cityplan Rotterdam

H + N + S
Arbeitslandschaften / Landscapes to work in
Wohnlandschaften / Landscapes to live in

De Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam
Tedder / Timmermans
Ciao de Kam
Faculteit Industrieel Ontwerp Delft
Joubert Plantsoen Plein
Tennisbahnen ReVa

West 8
Stadtplan / Urban plan Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam

Banne Oost, Amsterdam
Milieucentrum Deventer

The participating students came from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. They were divided into five groups and lead by four landscape architects and Lucien den Arend - landscape artist from The Netherlands.

A goal of the Workshops was it to find possibilities with which one can react to the hidden rivers of the city Vienna in the form of town planning and organization. The Wien (Vienna) river, one of the few partly not covered rivers of the city, was offered as study material for the planning of possibilities to be highlighted and made explicit as an historical landmark of Vienna. The River Wien was hidden underground at the end of the nineteenth century to channel the devastating flood which occur during heavy rains and the spring snowmelt in the Wienerwald. Diseases resulted from people emitting their sewage into the river. So 'hidden' is the right word. But in our present time such an element can actually be an asset for a city as Vienna. After the Oranje Landschap workshop had also pointed the finger to this enormous opportunity to give Vienna one of its most important attractions, a relief sewage system has been made thirty meters underground - following the course of the Vienna River. Also a bicycle path segment has been opened along the concrete bed of the river - open from march to October. The waiting is for more spectacular openings - figuratively, as well as literally. After the 1949 movie The Third Man, which gave the underground river its mysterious side effect. Hopefully one day Vienna will be able to fully show the river which was named after it.

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Wien River - Oranje Landschap workshop in Vienna

The Oranje Landschap documentation presents the results of the Workshops and interviews of the Workshop leaders: (beard of fire (office B+B/NL), Kathie Tedder and Marieke Timmermans (office Tedder/Timmermans/NL), Lucien the Arend (landscape artist/NL), Han Beumer (office West8/NL).

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