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environmental sculpture - Lucien den Arend - ympäristötaide

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE lecture - University of Lapland, Rovaniemi - Suvanto Park - Kajaani Finland

Suvanto Park - a proposal (1994-95) on invitation by the city of Kajaani. Kajaani was planning a park in the center of town. I was invited to make a proposal based on my environmental sculptural projects which they had seen.

Debris from a hydroelectric tunnel which was being excavated would be deposited along the banks of the river at Suvanto Puisto. Since a large new area would result from this, they wanted to enlarge the existing park.

My first impulse was not to just add onto the existing shore - but to make a separate entity which would distinguish itself from the existing environment. Since - although Kajaani is a small city - the environment there is quite natural, I wanted an urban park which would be planned by using a clear geometrical language.

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