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environmental sculpture - Lucien den Arend - ympäristötaide

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE lecture - University of Lapland, Rovaniemi - DSW garden - fountain and other elements, Dordrecht Holland

The garden can be viewed from the hallways, workshops and offices on all four sides. The two-level entrance hall has a two story window overlooking the garden. Since there are three other inner gardens which have been designed for repose and are open to the employees, the wish of the board was to give this garden a purely visual function. So I could use almost any material and not to have to worry about any other function than the visual one.

There used to be a little river which flowed on the location of the garden. I wanted to remind the viewer of this by shaping the surface of the ground in the form of a riverbed. Also I made its surface uninviting to want to walk on it. This, I found would strengthen the need for the spectator to wonder what this space is all about.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE lecture - University of Lapland, Rovaniemi - - lava stone garden for DSW, Dordrecht Holland

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