Land Art workshop and lecture

LAND ART - public lecture at zlgevents courtyard - Kuala Lumpur

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LAND ART - public lecture at zlgevents courtyard - Kuala Lumpur environmental sculpture - grotekerk tower project in Dordrecht the Netherlands

For nearly forty years I have lived on the opposite riverbank, in the town of Zwijndrecht, with a twenty four hour a day view of the tower. It was in fact our personal clock; and its bells ringing the time as well as melodies and concerts in the summer. Aside from this, during my interaction with this building, I learned that the tower had never been completely finished according to the original plans; and that the baroque top from 1626 was realized almost 200 years after the break in the building proceedings. Progressively I felt the need for a completion of the project. This spring I decided to request the Committee for Art and Architecture to enable me to make a proposal based on my ideas which had crystallized to a certain extent.

I would like to go back to the period before 1626, when the four corners of the tower each had small spire-bases. The central spire was meant to be complemented by the four smaller ones. In harmony with our present time I would like to use the openings between the clocks and 'lower' a cross construction diagonally onto the tower - fitting into the interspaces between the sandstone clock constructions - so that its four 'legs' will project over the four corners of the tower.

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