Land Art workshop and lecture

LAND ART - public lecture at zlgevents courtyard - Kuala Lumpur

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LAND ART - public lecture at zlgevents courtyard - Kuala Lumpur clearing an environmental forest sculpture

This was a proposal (1990-91) for a new forest next to Noordijk Park which was projected outside of the Dutch city of Groningen. If sculpting means taking away material until a sculpture is the result, then this is true sculpture - environmental sculpture. The work itself has actually been taken away and the 'chips' remained - and one can enter the portion that was taken away.

Part of the proposal was a one kilometer long forest path, flanked by double rows of trees which would act as a colonnade. At the end of this entrance road you would arrive on a clearing in the form of a cross.

The colonnade must extend along the edges of the open space, giving the suggestion of a monumental classical building. The foliage of the trees needs to be cut every few years. A central object in the architectural space was to be worked out in a later stage. The plan has not been realized because Groningen probably has forgotten about the Noordijk Park proposals which were documented in a book - 1991 CBK Groningen Voorbeeldige Opdrachten.

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