Land Art workshop and lecture

LAND ART - public lecture at zlgevents courtyard - Kuala Lumpur

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LAND ART - public lecture at zlgevents courtyard - Kuala Lumpur knot-willow circle with whitewashed bands, Dordrecht Municipal Museum, Holland

The willow, and especially the White Willow, is a fast growing tree which is easy to plant as cuttings. But the reason I have used it for my work is the fact that this tree has been used for hundreds of year to make utensils and tools from their twigs and branches. Later before the advent of plastics, the knot-willow tree's branches were used for the strengthening of dikes and waterworks in Holland.

These willows were to be pollarded every three years in order for them to get the familiar shape of the pollard- or knot-willow which is still so typical for this part of the world. Its shape and image is the reason I like to use it in my environmental projects.

About three weeks after planting them they started to bud. The idea is to remove the buds from the trunks, except from the top part. In the Dutch wet climate the branches will reach a length of two meters at the end of the season.

Regretfully these willows only lived six years when the museum decided to remove them and notify me a day after the fact. The director proposed to give me some money for buying new material and set me up with the department of greenery of the city. >


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