Land art and site specific sculpture in the urban setting. Environmental sculpture is an art form which uses the environment as its material. Concrete art is, like any art form, human made and is therefore geometric in essence. Public art is art which can be viewed and accessed by the public.


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Stainless Steel Sculpture

Since the early seventies I have been using stainless steel as a material for most of my sculpture. Bronze was the first material in which my sculptures were cast. Already early in my career however I realized that I wanted to work on an urban scale. And with the budgets reserved for public art it was just not possible to complement. or even compete with, architecture using bronze as a material.

I have always been interested in surfaces and the delimitation of shape. Linear contours suggest shapes and forms. So early on I was able to suggest monumental forms by filtering excessive mass and creating transparent geometrical sculptures, which reacted to their environment and the specificity of a site. Thus my site specific sculptures were born.

3D anaglyph photographs of my sculpture
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