Land art and site specific sculpture in the urban setting. Environmental sculpture is an art form which uses the environment as its material. Concrete art is, like any art form, human made and is therefore geometric in essence. Public art is art which can be viewed and accessed by the public.
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The hole in sculpture - Arcadia - a site specific sculpture in Heerhugowaard NL.
Arcadia stainless steel sculptural construction - 1300x800x5000cm - 2000

The being able for people to pass through a sculpture is for me a step further from the hole in sculpture. One such sculpture is "Large Square Form with Cut" in Florence by Henry Moore. It started with his awareness of the meaning of the sculpture back in 1932. Encountering a sculpture is one thing; you realize there is an object which demands your attention as it is different from the other things in its surroundings. A sculpture with a deliberate hole made through it by the sculptor can make you wonder why it was done. Realizing the significance and its potentialities in connecting one side of a sculpture to the other, much of Henry Moore's work has acquired extra meaning, as have also the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth and of many sculptors after them. Here I envisioned a sculpture which traverses this cycling route in Heerhugowaard where the cyclists and also pedestrians can experience art from the inside.

other works from the period 2000|2005other works from the period 2000|2005

cv | works | sculptures | site specific | environmental | land art | architectural| publications | exhibitions | symposia/lectures | cities | encounters | accounts

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