Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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FACTURA, on the street in the room

Zaandam sculpture “Victory” exhibited in St. Petersburg

maquette|model - Zaanstad - steel construction | sculpture - victory

From January 18th to February 19th an exhibition of drawings and scale models - FACTURA, on the street in the room will be presented at the State Museum of the History of Professional Education in St. Petersburg. The exhibition features two artists who live in south eastern Finland; both originally came from Holland. Marja de Jong will show her illustrative drawings and Lucien den Arend presents his public sculptures in the form of maquettes and scale models.

This exhibition is dedicated to Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands who will become 70 years of age in the period of this exhibition – on January 31st.

The title of the exhibition, FACTURA, on the street in the room: FACTURA has been chosen to emphasize the importance given by both artists to the material and inherent technique in working with that material. Both artists use many different materials in making their work. Each material has its particular possibilities and limitations; and when these are respected it is possible to get optimal results. When these are not respected every attempt at reaching one’s goal will fail. The phrase on the street in the room pertains to the type of work each artist makes. The public sculptures and environments by Lucien den Arend are typically made for the exterior, in the urban space or in more natural surroundings. The work of Marja de Jong is generally made for the interior – like prints, drawings and paintings which are presented on the walls of a room.

The painter Marja de Jong calls these drawings applied art because they have been made as illustrations for a book with poetry by the Dutch poet, Jan’t Lam. She avails herself of all the possible techniques in drawing, printing and painting. The works she is showing in St. Petersburg are drawings in wax crayon and pen and India ink on paper.

The sculptor Lucien den Arend has specialized himself in making site specific sculptures. For him a sculpture can be an object made out of materials like steel, natural stone or concrete – but also out of the material which builds our natural environment, like earth, water and growing material, such as trees. His conviction is that site specific art (art made for a specific location) – that includes public art - should distinguish itself from its surroundings – having re-arranged materials and objects in such a way so that a coherent whole results. But his viewers must be able to observe that something is different and it must be identifiable – which is the specificity of the work of art. As these public sculptures can only be observed in their own surroundings, he now takes the opportunity to present the scale models and maquettes along with the internet information to the Russian people.

For the occasion of this exhibition in St. Petersburg, Lucien den Arend has restored his maquette of the sculpture he made for Koog aan de Zaan (in Zaanstad - former Zaandam) where Tsar Peter the Great lived in a small house very near to this location.

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