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environmental thoughts

A new road through a traditional English rural landscape presents a number of problems which can be solved responsibly. Approaching this from an artist's point of view will give unexpected results.

realised projects the A15 proposals

I was one of the three sculptors asked by the National Road and Transport Department of Holland to do a study on the visual effect of art and art on a highway. Highway A15 was the object of the study. In that time of this project - 1983 - this was a very serene highway, peaceful and almost untouched by traffic. The transport department found that the motorists on this highway were more prone to loosing their attention because of the monotony of the long stretch of road than on other thoroughfares.

Instead of proposing incidental sculptures in places along the highway - or long, drawn-out artworks alongside the road, I found that comparing this new implementation of art to a score in music would be the only appropriate thing to do. The moving observer should witness the events when they happened.

I submitted various suggestions, using materials and natural elements from the surroundings, as to how this could be done on a scale which matches that of a highway in a landscape.

The thumbnails below, when clicked, will show larger images with information about the proposals for environmental sculptures, land art projects and site specific sculptures.

meandering concrete sound wall

earthen sound barrier

concrete sound wall - meander

miles long guide

a mysterious yellow triangle

high reliefs alongside the road
high reliefs alongside the road

diverging ditches perpendicular to the horizon







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