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environmental thoughts

A new road through a traditional English rural landscape presents a number of problems which can be solved responsibly. Approaching this from an artist's point of view will give unexpected results.

Weymouth Relief Road - art in the road environment

artistic interventions - proposals for Highway A15 NL
a yellow triangle does not change

After driving past Tiel a mysterious yellow trangle follows the motorist - Artistic interventions - proposals for Highway A15

The section of the highway east of Tiel is even more open that the preceding stretch. I decided to introduce an objects which seems to be a recognisable shape - in this case a yellow (RAL 2002) triangle, which contradicts everything else in the landscape. The color yellow is a signal color and has the same character as the triangular shape.

But that's not all. As one continues the journey, it can be expected that the side of this flat (i.e. no plasticity is visible) geometric shape should change in appearance; its side should become visible. But this does not happen, because a tracing mechanism has been installed to spot the first automobile to enter its field of vision. Then a built in motor rotates the triangle so that its face keeps being turned to the moving object, following it. Only all the other motorists see this phenomenon, while it is in action. After the specific car is out of its view, it rotates back to catch the next subject of its attention.

The height of the triangle should be about ten meters high, so that it can be installed between fifty and one hundred meters from the roadside.

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