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the plaza

de Boer 1924 plan


Civic Center Axis

the form

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initial statement


Denver Justice Center Campus and Civic Center District


what will the project look like?
The Civic Center area will be made more intelligible by introducing monumental sculptural elements composed of curved lines which define the space of the Civic Center. They will occupy ground level as well as scale some of the buildings.

where it will be located?
The sculptural elements will be located so that they will be visible when on Colfax and Fourteenth Avenues from lines of sight which cross these Avenues. See the spot plan for suggested possible locations. The main sculpture will be located on the Plaza with both 'legs' on either side of the passage reserved for vehicles (street).

what materials will be used?
Stainless steel will be the material for the sculptural constructions. Concrete will be used for the foundations which have to be made in the ground.

how it will be fabricated?
Various diameters of pipe will be rolled into curves with varying radii and varying lengths. They will be connected to form sculptural constructions by welding. The surface will be ground lengthwise to gleam in the sunlight. See below for more.

how it will be installed?
The transportable sculptures will be constructed in the workshop; the larger works will be assembled on location.

how it will be engineered?
By a structural engineering firm which is knowledgeable about wind loading , tip over forces, and other factors. I have a few firms with whom I work in Europe and I know some in the United States.

how it will be maintained?
For the most part wind and rain will keep the material clean. Since the shape and surface of the pipes is unattractive for graffiti 'artists', defacement will be kept to a minimum; and in case anything does happen, it can easily be removed without damaging the material.

a detailed spec budget?
The final design will also depend on various factors of course. I can say from experience though, that compared to monumental sculptures of which I can show examples, the Justice Plaza sculpture can cost between seven hundred thousand and seven hundred fifty thousand dollars.

The various smaller elements vary from twenty to one hundred thousand dollars each.

These estimates are all-in, by an engineering and fabrication company with which I have worked since 1977. Their estimate email to me for the plaza sculpture, which would have diameters of sixty six and fifty three feet:

"stainless steel 316
Average plate thickness 8 mm (average)
Pipe diameter 500 mm circa , welded type.
Total 194 meters pipe ( three quarter circles)
Total 30 meter pipe (for the connection).
Foundation plates (2) including knees 4000 kg
Weight pipe (section) 12.500 kg
concrete foundation (2)
Costs construction drawings & calculations .


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