translucent backgrounds

translucent backgrounds - transparent colors to make backgrounds in tables and in your CSS background properties - opacity, translucency, transparency

After searching the web for transparent (translucent is the actual term because transparent actually means you can see through it for one hundred percent) opaque color images, I finally decided to make some of my own translucency examples. Up to this day I had them all in my colored backgrounds folder.  But to be able to see the effect of the translucent backgrounds, I had to make a test page, put a table on it and try out each translucent background - one after the other. This was somewhat exhausting.

So I decided to make myself an example page with a fixed background (in black and white to get a better effect). This example backgrounds page is the result. I had not been able to find anything like it. The effect of these transparent, sorry 'translucent', backgrounds in different colors quite pleased me to say it euphemistically. Scroll this page to see the full effect of the translucency.

How to borrow my translucent background and paste it into your pages - by way of HTML or cascading style sheet - CSS.
The translucent background color examples are 64 by 64 pixels and their size varies between 1 and 40KB. All but the last two are Alpha translucencies. The last two were the first ones I made in a checkerboard transparent - non transparent pixel system. So if your eyesight is not perfect they look translucent. But actually they are alternating transparent and opaque; so they are not made with Alpha opacity. This used to be necessary because up to the time of Internet Explorer 6 it was the only browser which would not show translucent images nor could it handle Alpha opacity. When the font size was small the edges would be ragged. These times are now over and we are free to give our pages depth and class.

At this moment these translucent background colors are still randomly distributed on this page, but in time I will try to make it more systematic. It all depends on the success I have with it. So you are free to copy the examples and use them as your background images.

And if you are as excited as I would have been in my
hunt for translucent backgrounds, I would appreciate it if you would make me a small donation. If you are happy with your translucent background, you could click here and make me a little happier too; any small amount is welcome. And if you do this, I will ad more to these pages.

Copy the one you choose by right clicking it and copying. Then save it where you choose. When you want to use it as a background for you table or cell, make it the background picture. That's all there is to it. And if you work with cascading style sheets - inline or imported - make it your background image for anything that allows for it.