Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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Lucien den Arend
EXHIBITIONS 2000 | 2010


MOTIVA 2006 -
ACV Vienna Austria

exhibitions of Lucien den Arend - MOTIVA  international - Konstruktiv | KONKRET - INTELLIGIBEL United Nations International Congress Center at ACV (Austria Center Vienna) polar constructions
polar constructions
(installation by Jürgen Blum)

participating artists in MOTIVA

Werner Assenmacher, Vincenzo Arena, Karl-Heinz Adler, Peter Albert, Walter Angerer-Niketa, Klaus-J. Albert, Douglas Allsop, Lucien den Arend, Ulrich Behl, Helmut Bruch, Horst Bartnig, Andrzej Bakowski, Irene Blume, Ulrich Barnickel, Jürgen Blum, Waldo Balart, Mayo Bucher, Hartwig Bischof, Beni Cohen-Or, Dominique Chapuis, Laura Castagno, Krzysztof Cichosz, John Carter, Carlfriedrich Claus, Inge Dick, Klaus Peter Dencker, Peter Daniel, Jan van Duynhoven, Cor van Dijk, Günter Dienst, Roswitha Ennemoser, Christa-M. Engelhardt, Gerhild Ebel, Müller Emil, Avraham Eilat, Wolf Ebener, Tomasz Fronckiewicz, Heinz Friege, Hans Florey, Kunibert Fritz, Gerhard Frömel, Ingo Glass, Zbigniew Gostomski, Horst Gander, Klaus Groh, Heinz Gappmayr, Tibor Gayor, Eugen Gomringer, Julian Gil, Dagmar Hagemann, Gottfried Honegger, Günther Hornig, Erwin Heerich, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Timo Heimann, Jean Pierre Husquinet, Rity Jansen Heijtmayer, Dieter Helis, Rolf Hegetusch, Urs Hanselmann, Barbara Höller, Dietmar H. Herzog, Franziska Haslinger, Piotr Iwicki, Aleksandra Jachtoma, Roland de Jong-Orlando, Jo Kuhn, Matti Kujasalo, Jan Kubiaek, Willem Kloppers, Dariusz Korol, Tatsushi Kawanabe, Markus Kronberger, Wulf Kirschner, Ditty Ketting, Yvonne Kracht, Thomas P. Kausel, Alfons Kunen, Rita Karrer, Edgar Knoop, Friedrich Kracht, Meta Keppler, Wojciech Leder, Andre van Lier, Josef Linschinger, Dagmar Lutz, Fritz Lichtenauer, Erich Lütkenhaus, Daria Milecka, Karl Möller, Tom Mosley, Jean Pierre Maury, Leonardo Mosso, Theodor Mark, Shutaro Mukai, Ben Muthofer, Dora Maurer, Jo Niemeyer, Jarek Nowak, Aurélie Nemours, Hella Nohl, Rudolf Ortner, Eduard Ovaek, Beverly Piersol, Karl-Georg Pfahler, Claude Pasquer, Magnus Petersson, Ives Picquet, Miriam Prantl, Fritz Rupprechter, Hanna Roeckle, Albert Rubens, Torsten Ridell, Reinhold Rieckmann, Zygmunt Rytka, Wolfgang Ritter, Christian Reockenschuss, Dirk Richter, Axel Rohlfs, Veronika Rodenberg, Jozef Robakowski, Andrej Ryschow, Jochen Röder, Reinhard Roy, Ralf Schmidt, Diet Sayler, H. Dieter Schrader, Michael Schütz, Mareile Schröder, Karl-Georg Schmidt, Karl Siegel, Antoni Starczewski, Bernhard Sandfort, Shalom Sechvi, Kurt Spurey, Jochen Scheithauer, Kajetan Sosnowski, Ruth Senn, Peter Turpin, Friedhelm Tschentscher, Georg J. Tribowski, Kurt Teuscher, Florian Tuercke, Franz Türtscher, Wolfgang Ulbrich, Jean-Pierre Viot, Rudolf Valenta, Maria Vill, Ryszard Winiarski, Claudia Winkel, Martin Wörn, Birgit Wetzka, Peter Weber, Ludwig Wilding, Eva Yeh, Yahya Youssef, Tomasz Zawadzki, Dieter Zaha, Piet van Zon, Laci Zajac, a.o.

opening of MOTIVA  international - Konstruktiv | KONKRET - INTELLIGIBEL United Nations International Congress Center at ACV (Austria Center Vienna) exhibitions of Lucien den Arend -  polar constructions

"The Austria Center Vienna (ACV) is not only Austria´s largest conference centre and host to a wide range of major international conferences, trade exhibitions, balls and events, in December 2005 it also became a showcase for the visual arts.

Curator Jürgen Blum presents an exhibition, billed as MOTIVA "International - Constructive - Concrete - Intelligible", which focuses on a style that aims to preserve and keep alive the legacy of the first avant-garde art movement of the 20th century. The show is spread across foyers and corridors on three levels of the ACV building. Many of the most important exponents of concrete and constructivist art are now on view in a permanent exhibition at the ACV.

Initially the idea of the operators of Austria´s largest conference centre was to create a place of calm, stimulation and relaxation for conference participants whilst giving artists an opportunity to display their work. The idea meets the need for more "depth" in today´s fast changing conference industry.

In pursuit of this goal the ACV succeeded in obtaining the services of Jürgen Blum, an artist and art collector from Hesse. The Director of the Hünfeld Museum of Modern Art curated the exhibition, and persuaded artists from Europe and abroad to take part in the project. The result is the world´s largest collection of concrete and constructivist art.

Explaining his artistic creed, Blum said, "My art lies in the ability to inspire people to become active, and not just to stand and view the artistic process with amazement or understanding, but to complete the process themselves." In MOTIVA he has created a new form of art education and presentation.

MOTIVA currently includes works by more than 100 artists, and the show will be expanded in coming months. The exhibits can be seen on levels OE, O1 and O2 of the ACV, and are open not only to conference delegates, but also, whenever possible, to the general public.

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