Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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"During my life I have met various people who have been influential in the world of art and architecture in the twentieth century. I am very grateful for that and want to share these encounters with you."
Lucien den Arend

Henry Moore and Lucien den Arend in front of Henry Moore's house in Forte Dei Marmi
Henry Moore
1970 - 1972 meetings with Henry Moore in Forte dei Marmi - Italy and a visit to his Hogland studios in Much Hadham, England
Truus Schröder-Schräder demonstrating the sliding walls at the Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht The Netherlands
Truus Schröder-Schräder
1982 together with Janjelle Stroosma he visits Truus Schröder- Schräder in the house which she and Gerrit Rietveld built
Christo and Jeanne Claude and Lucien den Arend, American/Bulgarian and Dutch art, environmental - public - site specific arts, artists, sculpture, sculptures, sculptor, sculptors, graphic, painting, paintings, painters, landscape design
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
1985 an encounter with Christo and Jeanne Claude in Paris - France
 Donald Judd, Lucien den Arend and friends at the dinner table in Eichholteren Switzerland
Donald Judd
1988 at Eichholteren Küsnacht am Rigi - Switzerland
Jorma Hautala, Kari Huhtamo, Matti Peltokangas and Lucien den Arend - Finnish and Dutch artists
Jorma Hautala - Kari Huhtamo - Matti Peltokangas
1997 a visit to Hvittr äsk and site specific works by them
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and King Simeon from Bulgaria open the exhibition of Bulgarian sculpture in Holland
Queen Beatrix
1983 various encounters
Joop Beljon
Joop Beljon
1965 >
Studio of Barbara Hepworth in 1975.
Barbara' Hepworth's studio
John Wesley and Hannah Green.
Jack Wesley and Hannah Green
1986 and 1987
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Queen Beatrix
Henry Moore Italy 1970
Henry Moore Italy 1971
Henry Moore Italy 3
Henry Moore England
Jorma Hautala - Kari Huhtamo - Matti Peltokangas
Christo and Jeanne Claude
Truus Schröder-Schräder
John (Jack) Wesley and Hannah Green
Donald Judd
Gerard Fieret

3D anaglyph photographs of my sculpture
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